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Coretactics’ Services

elderly female resident and caregiver

Trainee Comments

  • “Amy always brings current and needed information. Thank you!”
  • “Good refresher about infection control, hygiene and overall EBP information.”
  • “Excellent program. I appreciate access to tools and resources.”
  • “Very informative and relevant.”
  • “Amy is an excellent and knowledgeable presenter. This was a very timely and informative presentation.”

Coretactics’ services include a full spectrum of innovative tools to help your skilled nursing facility (SNF) achieve your goals. Whether you want to provide clinical, management or Medicare / Medicaid reimbursement education to your staff, or advance your policies to achieve regulatory compliance, we will design a customized approach to help you succeed.

Our experts work closely with your management team and staff. We analyze your current systems and processes before developing tactics that will bring your quality of care to a new level of excellence. Our customized approach leaves your facility with the confidence and the ability to sustain that higher performance.

Coretactics’ general areas of service are listed below with links to service details:

Please contact us if you do not see what you are looking for. We’re here to help!