Changes to the 2020 NYS NHQI

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The methodology for the 2020 NHQI has changed but is not currently reflected on the NYS Department of Health website. Two of the measures have been temporarily suspended for the 2020 NHQI:

  1. Percent of employees vaccinated for influenza.
  2. Timely submission of employee influenza immunization data.

As a result, the maximum points for the 2020 NHQI will be reduced from 100 to 90.

Facilities are reminded that the typical deadline for submitting employee flu vaccination data is May 1, and currently there is no indication that the measures will be suspended for the 2021 report.

Previously announced changes to the NHQI methodology for the 2020 report include the change from quintile ranking to threshold scoring for the following measures:

  • Percent of long stay residents experiencing one or more falls with major injury
  • Percent of long stay residents who self-report moderate to severe pain
  • Percent of long stay residents with a urinary tract infection

Maximum points (5) will be awarded for these measures if the rate is less than or equal to 5%; zero points will be awarded if the rate is greater than 5%.

The 2020 NHQI is based on calendar year 2019 MDS data, CMS’ Payroll Based Journal Public Use Files and CMS’ Nursing home compare data (staffing file). The timeline for release of the 2020 NHQI results has not been updated; providers will be notified as soon as the results are available.

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