Amy Lee is the president and CEO of Coretactics™ Healthcare Consulting, Inc., a healthcare improvement company founded on her passion for high performance and healthcare excellence. She is a pragmatic, innovative and industry-leading thinker that brings her 25-plus years of experience in acute and long-term care together into a holistic approach to healthcare operations.

Amy has established numerous best practice approaches in falls reduction, wound care management, antipsychotic reduction, behavioral management, person-centered care planning and reducing re-hospitalizations, just to name a few. Her knowledge of the Five Star Rating, MDS 3.0, CMS Quality Measures and PPS & Case Mix reimbursement allows her to assist teams not only with improving resident care but to also strategically improve their position in the health care market.

Amy has a Master’s in Nursing, a Certification in Nursing Rehabilitation and is a certified OASIS Trainer. Her numerous years in healthcare management allow her to connect with all levels of staff throughout the interdisciplinary team and develop strategy that organizations embrace to drive meaningful and sustainable change. Her expertise in clinical management, regulatory compliance and quality improvement support her dedication to making outcomes the pride of an organization.